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Pre-shipment Inspection

This inspection is normally carried out at the source for acceptance or rejection of the shipment.  This is the most common type of inspection and is designed to protect the buyer or receiver from the shipment of a bad lot. As the shipment is ready for dispatch/ 80% of goods are already packed/or as per client requirements, the buyer / supplier requests CQS Nepal for the inspection of the lot. CQS inspector inspects the goods offered for inspection and collects samples randomly representing the whole lot; and upon testing and verification of the quality of samples based on statistical principle, the lot quality is estimated. Based on the lot quality estimated the whole lot is either accepted or rejected. A bad lot is stopped for the shipment at the source itself. The quantity of goods in the lot is also estimated during pre-shipment inspection.


Post Delivery Inspection or Discharge Supervision

This inspection is carried out at the delivery destination of the shipment. Representative samples are drawn to check quality and quantity of the lot. After checking and verification of samples, the lot quality is estimated. Based on the estimated quality, the shipment is either accepted or rejected. This type of inspection is also very common. This type of inspection will enforce the supplier indirectly to ship the goods of right quality in right quantity to the final destination.


Continuous Process Monitoring

Some customers request CQS Nepal to continuously monitor the goods during its processing or manufacturing itself. Upon such request, CQS Nepal inspectors are permanently stationed at the processing plant to monitor the quality and timely processing of the goods. This type of inspection ensures that bad quality products if made, are segregated from the very beginning and only good quality products form the lot. This type of inspection also helps the supplier by providing them expert’s services to produce goods of right quality and avoiding an unfortunate situation of lot rejection at the end.


In-process Checking

CQS inspectors make random visits to the premises of supplier during the processing of the goods. During these surprise checks, general condition of the cargo produced till then is checked and samples are also drawn for laboratory testing. Upon discretion of the customers, these visits can be made surprise. Surprise in-process checks ensure that the supplier takes enough precaution during the manufacturing or processing of the goods itself, thus ensuring timely delivery of quality goods.


Factory Evaluation

CQS experts carry out a detail study of the manufacturing and support facilities of the supplier to verify that the manufacturers have adequate manufacturing, quality control and other facilities to fulfill contractual requirements. This type of services helps the customer-companies in selecting correct, reliable and capable supplier before any agreement is reached for the supply of goods. Any shortcoming of the supplier is informed to the customer well in advance.



Pre-production Inspection

Pre-production inspection is normally for checking of raw materials and other preparation of the manufacturer / processor before they start manufacturing or processing the goods. This type of inspection ensures that correct and adequate raw material has been made available prior to the processing of goods.


During production Inspection

When about 50% of the contract quantity is manufactured, CQS inspector visits the manufacturing premises to check the quality as well as other contractual requirements.


Consultancy for ISO 9000 certification

CQS Nepal expert helps companies to prepare for ISO 9000 certification. CQS experts train the company staffs in ISO 9000, help them prepare necessary documents and also support them in the implementation of documented quality management system. It is a combination of training and technical support scheme designed to increase overall capability and productivity of the company. Thus making company more competitive in the market place.


Organize Training Programmes

CQS Nepal experts regularly organize training programmes on various aspects of quality and productivity related topics. Some of them are:

  • Awareness Course in ISO 9000
  • Documentation for Quality Management System
  • Internal Auditing of a Quality Management System
  • Testing and Laboratory Management
  • Measurement and Calibration
  • Inspection and Statistical Sampling
  • Statistical Quality Control
  • Problem Solving and Seven Statistical Tools of Quality Improvement
  • Quality Economics,
  • Technical Auditor Training
  • etc.

Other Consultancy in the field of Quality and Standardization

CQS Nepal provides all types of services in the field of Quality, Standardization and Productivity Improvement. Some examples are:

  • Development of Sector / Company Standards
  • Development of Quality Plans
  • Laboratory Testing Services
  • etc.